Longhe Resort


2017-09-18682Source: VAST

Location and Transportation

Located in the southern eastern part of Longhe Hi-tech Zone, Longhe Resort is mainly committed to developing business and leisure and life supporting functions at both sides of Longhe. The west bank is devoted to wetland tourism, health resort, and folk experience, while the east bank is dedicated to business research and development, service life, retirement and self-cultivation. Hence a core Binglonghe region is formed, and a composite functional business and leisure resort created.

Overall Planning

The total planned area is 42 square kilometers, and the starting area 9.5 square kilometers.


It is a waterfront complex function leisure resort in the economic circle around the capital. It aims to become a multifunctional waterfront city. With Longhe culture at its core, these functions include leisure travel, business headquarters, culture and creativity industry, modern science and technology and modern agriculture. These functions will make this city serve as a waterfront leisure, a ecological sport, a wetland park, a theme park, and a place for tourism and retirement. 

Longhe International Creative Industry Park is the first thing that comes on the scene. Within it is a number of projects. These projects are Shuixiu Culture & Creativity park (introducing major dream water shows from Longzhichuanqi Performers Company of Walt Disney), creativity agricultural region, wetland cultural park, Longfeng cultural corridor, and ecological and cultural resort. By making full use of the existing resources, the wetland cultural park has its two sides crisscrossed by ornamental trails and tour lines. Within this park are a birding viewing area, a history and cultural area, an under-forest leisure area, a wetland viewing area, and wetland flowers.