Zhangjiakou City Modern Industrial Park


2017-09-18821Source: VAST

Location and Transportation

It is located west of Downtown Zhangjiakou. It is divided into two sections. One section extends east to Xiyuan South Road, south to the South Link, c. 1 km north to the west of the outer ring, and west to Zhangjiakou-Shijiazhuang Expressway (including the "enclave" east of Dongxinzhuang). Another section is urban construction land east of Xiyuan South Road and west of Dongqingshui River.

Planned Area

The total planned area is 17.3 square kilometers.

Industry positioning

Tron’s third-generation semiconductor industry positioning:

1.Build an innovation and start-up center. It aims to become the most influential such center. To this end, it will unleash the creativity of the public, expand employment and build a new economic engine.

2.Build a demonstration base for institutional reform and mechanism innovation. The ultimate goal is to stimulate the development potential and vitality of the whole society through deepening reform. For this to happen, it will create a first-class innovation-driven development environment and give full play to the dominant role of the market, by building a service-oriented government and encouraging innovation.

3.Form a unique industry cluster. The goal is to make innovative services and the 3rd generation semiconductor industry the unique industries for Zhangjiakou. As part of this effort, it will build a research and development and innovation base featuring the 3rd generation semiconductor materials industry.