VAST Zhangjiakou City New Industrial Park


2017-09-18898Source: VAST

Location and Transportation

VAST Zhangjiakou City New Industrial Park is Located in the confluence of Qingshui River and Yanghe river, 7km southwest to the downtown area, this park lies at the heart of the three-dimensional transportation network in Zhangjiakou. It is also at the core of the service area of the 2022 Winter Olympics, and a national renewable energy demonstration zone.

This new area has access to 4 railways such as Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR and Beijing-Baotou railway; 5 expressways such as Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Zhangjiakou-Shijiazhuang Expressway, Zhangjiakou-Chengde Expressway; three country and provincial roads such as Xuanzuo and Zhangjiakou airport. It takes you only 1 minute drive to reach the nearest freeway. And it is only 7-minute drive from airport or the Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR that is under planning.

Overall Planning

Zhangjiakou Economic Development Zone is has a planned area of 125 square kilometers.

The Yanghe New AreaRiver has new district with a total land area of 31.65 square kilometers.

This hi-tech industrial park has a planned area of about two square kilometers, including VAST renewable resources headquarter and VAST environment protection industrial park, VAST new town. It is designed to attract headquarters, scientific research, test research and development.


Based on the development concepts of "ecology, modernity, and vitality", the new district aims to grow into "a special industrial area, an ecological and livable city," "Northern Waterfront Ecological New Area," "science and education, economy, culture and business center," "a cluster of the modern service industries in Zhangjiakou.”

This park adheres to a development model integrating industry, city and education. The goal is to make cities and industries reinforcing. The focus is on seven industries, i.e. technology, education, health care, culture, sports, modern finance, trade and logistics, Kang Yang leisure, ecological living in seven industries.

Matching Investment

Cultural tourism projects such as comprehensive playground

Two Class-three hospital, five specialized hospitals

Private schools, including kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, high school and vocational school

Nine Five Star hotels and five commercial complexes, which are used to undertake the Olympic reception service

Talent Advantage

This district is home to 4 universities like Hebei University of Architecture and Hebei North University, and 2 secondary technical training schools, Zhangjiakou Mechanical Industrial School, Jilin Polytechnic School. It has a labor force of 152,000. Every year, Zhangjiakou City Technical College and Zhangjiakou Vocational and Technical College produce more than ten thousand tech talents. 

Ecological Advantage

It has an urban greenland coverage and a green coverage of 49.5% and 49.96% respectively. It has c.315 days of qualified air every year and a stable air quality composite index of 7.2. This makes it the best of 38 cities subject to online inspection north of the Yangtze River. 

Preferential Policy
Yang District has set up 56 billion yuan high tech industry fund and 10 billion yuan international city development equity investment fund, to provide financial support for the enterprises in the park; to project into the park provide supporting commercial and residential land; other preferential policies with preferential policies at the national renewable energy demonstration zones synchronization.