As a service provider of industrial innovation and developer of regional economy, we adopt the systematic development concept of industry-city integration, and build an industry city with a working and living community, integrated through an innovative PPP model to transform and upgrade urban development.

Innovate PPP Model the Government-enterprise Cooperation Mode

In 2016,the State Council issued the"opinions on deepening the reform of investment and financing systems"and highlighted"enterprise focus and government guides",to specify the principal part of enterprise in investment and stimulate private investment potential and creativity.China VAST Development proactively responded to the state's policy,established a PPP cooperation model with the local government and integrated the cooperation concepts of equality,integrity,and win-win into the collaborative development and construction of industrial town parks,in order to provide comprehensive solutions for the new urbanization construction and regional comprehensive development of the government,and build up the"1+1>2" advantage complementary and coordinated development pattern.


Transform and Upgrade Longhe Park usingthe PPP model

As the Company's first PPP model industrial town, Longhe Park adopted the new development model of "government-leading + enterprise-operating". Under this model, the government leads the economic and social affairs of the park, while the Company is responsible for investment in infrastructure and construction, investment promo tion, industrial service,and park operation etc. Both parties have a clear division of labor and areas of operation, ensuring the project is technically and economically feasible and achieving advantages complementary for both governments and enterprises. With the vigorous promotion of infrastructure construction and continuous innovation of the government-enterprise cooperation system and investment and financing mechanisms, Longhe Park has entered a period of maturity. It has made a cumulative investment of over RMB 5 billion to improve infrastructure and built 33 new town roads (sections). This has led to the formation of a "ten horizontal and seven vertical" road network. And it paves the way for the "nine availabilities and land leveling" investment conditions. All these result in good economic and social benefits as well as rapid development.

Build a Chinese General Aviation Town using PPP Model

In2016,the State Council"Guidance on the Promotion of General Aviation Development",which encourages local governments to develop the advantages of the aviation industry in close relation with local economies,and to develop the general aviation market to promote its intergration with innovative economy.However,the general aviation industry has a high degree of rofessionalism and regulatory complexity,and the introduction and integration of industrial resources urgently required strengthening.

In the face of opportunities and challenges,we took advantage of the PPP model together with our leading experience and signed a "Cooperation Agreement on Shijiazhuang General Aviation Industrial Town"with the government of Luancheng District,Shijiazhuang City to be responsible for the land consolidation and construction of public infrastructure in the general aviation park,in order to reduce the pressure on the government from the huge initial investment.Also,we built a "tripartite"collaboration development system covering supportive policies for general aviation,funding support and cooperation alliances linked by government-enterprise cooperation,enterprise-enterprise cooperation and industry-university-research cooperation,to create a"Chinese general aviation town"covering the whole industry chain.